The following are excerpts from my Facebook album, which I updated daily while working in Ishinomaki.

April 19th

I will miss this city and the people I've met. But, most of all, I will miss the volunteers that I worked with. We shared a common goal and drive; to help Ishinomaki and its people take back a life that has been lost by one of the worst natural disasters in Japanese history. Each and every one of us gave our best, realizing the responsibility of our actions, but we also kept our sanity, never taking our work too seriously by always throwing in a good dose of humor into our conversations.

Every morning at 7 o'clock when our meeting would start, I would look across a room filled with people who have traveled great distances to be here not for money or power, but simply because they care. Looking at the faces of those individuals, I knew that this was a group of people I could trust, and was reassured that what we are doing here will help make a change for the better.





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